"...everything is more delish when shared."

Hello, my name is Laura Drumm.

I dream of food. And drink. And writing.

Therefore, I eat. I drink. I cook. I bake. I read. I wander. I taste. 

I do all this tasting wherever and whenever I can. As of a few months ago, this means Seattle, Washington-ISH - not far from where I grew up. But I've also lived in South Korea, Saudi Arabia and Pittsburgh. I'll write about these places. And food. Always food.  

A few summers ago in grad school, I volunteered to garden in exchange for harvest, studied Food Writing (yes, you can!), and fell in love. Ever since, I've dreamed of a blog about food. But that voice! You know. The one that perches on a shoulder and shouts, “What do you have to say that others haven’t?” I have shushed that voice. Because I want to write. I want to eat. And everything is more delish when shared.

So, by day, I, Laura Drumm am a copywriter and content manager who lives just outside Seattle. Professionally, I can be found at lauradrumm.com. Late at night, I can be found saying to my partner, "Please! No horror movies!" But at just about any other time, you know, nights, weekends, lunches of poke, I dream and taste and dream more, read recipes, bake, cook, delight and write.

Will you join me here in thisdelishlife?