Welcome! I write about my delish adventures in food, drink, cooking, and travel. Hope you enjoy your stay!

the wanderings  (from the time before blog)

the wanderings (from the time before blog)

Wandering is essential part of what makes life delish for me. Is this also true for you?

Amusingly, while preparing to open this blog, I found that during my wanders (read all - and I do mean ALL - about my travels in my travel blog: "The Adventures of Laura Drumm"), I hoarded pictures of food: namely pheasant pastry + meze + fresh bread in Morocco, also the simplest, most delightful omelette and mint tea from Morocco, thick, sweet Arab coffee from Egypt, as well as mouth-watering lentil soup, stuffed squid in Istanbul, a delicately poached egg from a vegetarian tasting menu at Doe Bay Cafe on Orcas Island, pluout tart from Chez Panisse in California, coiled, rich sausage at brunch from Prune in New York City, beet tartare from a place we love but cannot remember the name of (!) in Philadelphia, the freshest seafood ever on New Year's in South Korea, and high tea in Cyprus.  I couldn't resist sharing a few treasured memories from my trove... can you match pics to descripts? 

the discoveries (from the time before blog)

the discoveries (from the time before blog)